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Class Styles

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Mixing movement, meditation and breath-work, Yoga is an ancient Eastern practice and way of living. We blend these traditions with a contemporary understanding of movement and mindfulness to empower you on and off your mat. The class can be gentle or strong with options for all levels

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Mat Pilates


Pilates developed his method in WW1 with other internees and injured soldiers. He used bed springs to help bedridden patients move and strengthen their bodies. For us, this is the heart of the Pilates method: working with your mind and body wherever that is, to improve how you move and feel in your every day life. Expect a whole body work out, all levels of experience welcome. 



Pregnancy Yoga 

This class supports mothers-to-be with their changing physical and emotional needs. Come along to connect with your body, your baby, and a community of other likeminded pregnant people.



1-2-1 Equipment Pilates

Work with us 1-2-1 on our state of the art Pilates Equipment (the reformer, the tower, the chair and the ladder barrel) to deepen your understanding of your body, how it moves and its connection with your mind and breath. Each session will be tailored to you and your goals, and how you're feeling on the day. 

Vicky Dickson

From + for the local community

Meet our founder Vicky Dickson (she/her) 

I teach Yoga, Pilates + Breathwork because I find Joy in movement and the opportunity to be creative in these practices. They help me feel strong and steady, and have taught me to listen to my body and rest when I need to. I've learned about breathing and how I can use it to energise when I'm tired or calm me when I'm stressed and anxious, and how meditation and mindfulness keep me balanced when things don’t go to plan (not just on my mat!). These things changed my life, and I share them because I hope they'll be useful for you too. 


There's something magical about practising together in person and when I moved home to the Island I missed my neighbourhood studio, and its community. So I decided to open my own - with my toddler twins in tow! Running my own business and solo parenting won't always be easy but I'm passionate about equality in all its forms, and want to build a world where that exists for my children.

I come from a background in figure skating and dance and have taught Yoga and managed retreats in the UK, Bali, and Spain where I worked as the Camp Manager and Head of Yoga at one of the world's most celebrated Wellness retreats The Body Camp, Mallorca. I've been lucky enough to have completed over 600 hours of training across India, Indonesia and the UK and at the moment I'm studying for my Comprehensive Pilates Exam with Polestar Pilates in London and training in Advanced Breathwork with author of The Oxygen Advantage Patrick McKeown.  

Meet Yoga Teacher Katie Gibson (she/her) 

Katie is a teacher at St Edward's in Oxford and in the holidays she shares her Yoga practice here on the Island. Her thoughtful Vinyasa classes use movement to develop your body awareness and mindfulness techniques help you recognise and reflect on how you're feeling. "Yoga is, for me, a daily reminder that my body is my home and a vehicle to do amazing things"

Katie Gibson
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